Top 15 Horror Halloween Characters Masks To Scare Everyone

Halloween is all about scariness as well as creepiness. Everyone is tend to follow their theme for their Halloween party but that scariness is incomplete without some scary and horror masks. Where the fun is when you dress up so simple and didn’t scare the hell out of someone. So here we bring you the variety of scary as well as creepy mask for your Halloween themes.

1. Daunting Alien Mask

scary Halloween Masks Alien

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All those things that are not belong to us considered as alien. If you want to be out of this world on this Halloween, than definitely go for this alien mask. Huge black eyes, no hairs and narrow chin will give you the diverse look.

2. Creepy Giggles Doll Mask

scary Halloween mask- giggles doll

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We always thought of dolls as the cutest among all toys but now some movies didn’t hesitate to show them as creepy. This mask is the true example of it as the big lifeless eyes, cracked skin, single toothy smile and dirty face gave away the impression of  the most creepy doll.

3. Frightening Witch Woman

Frightening Halloween Mask- Old Witch Woman

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This scary mask is the best piece for scaring the others on this Halloween. Deadly eyes, stiff hairs, rotten teeth, and the horror neck is definitely going to scare everyone out on streets and don’t forget to bring your broom and portion bottle.

4. Bloody Devil Mask

Chinless Devil Scary Halloween Mask

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Want to be the head of all evils in your group than become the devil. This mask is the best choice for all the group leaders as devil is always the head of all the evil things in the universe.

5. Unwanted Doll Mask

chucky child's play scary horror doll mask for Halloween

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Chucky is the only doll with whom nobody wants to play with because of its creepiness. Then why not dress as chucky to make all the kids run for their houses with this chuck mask on this Halloween.

6. Scary ‘IT’ Clown Mask

pennywise the it clown mask for Halloween

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From ‘It’ here is the horrifying clown mask that didn’t waver to show its scariness. If you want the real fun on this Halloween, than go for this murderous face mask and don’t forget to bring the balloons with you for kids.

7. Upside Down Mask

scary upside down Halloween Mask

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Where is the fun in Halloween when you didn’t freak everyone out especially your friends and family? Wear this upside down mask and fulfill the real purpose of Halloween by freaking everyone.

8. Frantic Grinning Killer

Demented Grinning Killer Mask for Halloween

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With these stiff hairs, shove out eyes and creepy wide smile; this crazy grinning killer mask brings all the creepiness that you want this Halloween to rock the party.

9. Black Ghost Mask


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The answer to all the confusions regarding the Halloween theme to scare away everyone is to simply dress as a ghost. Yes this black ghost mask with red inner is the simplest yet best option for you to go for.

10. Filthy Zombie Mask

scary adult infected zombie Halloween Mask

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Blood covered screaming mouth, lifeless black eyes, prominent red veins in head and disgusting and infected mouth is giving the horrible look. This mask will leave the shocking impression on others and is best to carry around.

11. Bandaged “MUMMY” Mask

Shrouded Mummy Mask Made of Latex

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Remember the old movie “mummy”, why not bring that into fun. The mummy mask that is all wrapped in bandages with few open wounds is the coolest idea to scare the little kids on this Halloween.

12. The Wraith Adult Mask

Scary The Wraith Adult Mask for Halloween

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This mask alone is enough to scare everyone out there. These scattered white hair on forehead, hollow eyes and mouth open from the silent scream is already giving the scary impression.

13. Dirty Wrinkled Zombie Face

scary wrinkled face zombie mask

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The creepy mask is another best option for scaring the people on Halloween. Injured bloody zombie mouth with dirty wrinkled face is good option to go for.

14. Witch “HAGATHA” Mask

scary old witch HAGATHA Mask

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Remember the old witch from the woods, Hagatha. This Halloween bring her into live action with the help of this mask. These wavy grey hairs, wrinkled skin, narrowed nose and white lifeless eyes are enough to scare everyone. Don’t forget to bring your broom along.

15. Screaming Zombie

scary screaming zombie halloween mask

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Last but not least, this screaming mask is another scary option for you to enjoy your Halloween by scaring everyone. These yellow rotten teeth and white deadly eyes with disfigured skin is all you need in a scary mask.

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