sun and moon tattoo designs

30 Sun And Moon Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings

Sun and moon are the two very special and dignified entities of the universe. In the ancient times and even today sun and moon are worshiped by a number of followers. The sun and ... Continue Reading →
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13 Most Meaningful Mother Tattoos

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11 Impressive Leg Tattoo Designs for Females

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30 Crocodile Tattoo Design Ideas for Men & Women

Both men and women who have been through tough situations are equally attracted to crocodile tattoo designs. The tattoo speaks to them on a more personal level than it does to others. Crocodiles ... Continue Reading →
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30 Delicate Forearm Flower Tattoo Designs & Ideas

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25 Female Sleeve Tattoo Designs & Ideas

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25+ Evergreen Tree Tattoo Designs & Ideas

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20 Beautiful Bodhi Tree Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

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Top 10 Flower Tattoos for Men

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You Are My Sunshine Tattoo

25 You Are My Sunshine Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

You are my sunshine tattoo is one of the most expressive tattoo. It is a great way of showing that there is someone in your life that you care about and who brings light into your ... Continue Reading →
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Top 10 Friendship Symbol Tattoos

Yes, for sure true friends are hard to find and nowadays there are very few people who are able to set an example of a true friend. A true friend is one who is always next to you in ... Continue Reading →
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13 Best Buddhist Symbols & Meanings for Tattoos

Buddhism is titled as the 4th largest religion followed by people. Even thou it is not growing fast but still, it influence many people significantly. A large number of people get attracted ... Continue Reading →