33 Beautiful Butterfly Wallpapers


Butterfly is a symbol of soul, immortality, it is also said that witches can turn into a butterfly– means it is a symbol of transformation as well and also a gift of nature to joy. Undoubtedly they are the most beautiful insects, it attracts people attention towards itself, their are about 10 families of butterfly. so many plants depend on moths and butterflies in terms of pollination, butterflies and moths feed on nectar which they suck from flowers.

We are pleased to give you 33 beautiful butterfly wallpapers for desktop with high resolution, click on the name of butterfly image to download from the original source. For sure Butterflies will give you relaxation in the time of tension with the beauty of nature and will bring more  near to nature and its beauty, the work of abstract and art is also used in wallpapers to give more choices for you to have wallpaper with more flair of butterfly design, Hope you will enjoy these Lovely Wallpapers!

Dream Butterfly

Butterfly on Red Rose

Orange Butterfly

Butterfly WP

Butterfly and Her Flower WP

Butterfly On Leaf Wallpaper

Butterfly At Rest WP

Charaxes Brutus Natalensis

Papilio Butterfly

Polyommatus Icarus

Pretty Butterfly

Butterfly On Wood

White Butterfly

Glowing Butterfly

Blue Butterfly

Colorful Butterfly

Blue Green Butterfly

Free Butterflies

Pink Butterfly Dream

Beautiful Blue Butterfly

Amazing Blue Butterfly

Butterfly Resurrection

The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Abstract Wallpaper

Purple Butterfly Wallpaper


Butterfly Wallpaper

Blue Butterfly

Butterfly bl 5 Wallpaper

Butterfly Fantasy Wallpaper

Yellow Butterfly Wallpaper

Pink Butterfly Wallpaper

Forever Wallpaper

Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures with bright wings to rise and float in the air and it lives as long as necessary to birth of a new generation!


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