20+ Scary Clown Face Paint Ideas For Halloween 2015


Clown is often seen as funny characters in the circus, who amuses the audience with its funny acting, performances on the stage. But what about the other face of these clowns that we see on big screens- i mean in Horror Movies, Television shows, we see the clowns are the most evil and cruel ones, they are the monsters, maniacs that strikes fear in people minds and kids are too scared in their dreams by this scary creature that is created through the media.

If you are still not scared, then search for the clown movies and you will be provided with many of the creepy shows that you can watch on the eve of Halloween with your family. Scary clown face paint is one of the ideas to celebrate Halloween day, you can do scary clown makeup by painting your face white with red nose and crazy colored costume giving fake smile to people.

Here we have selected some of the most professional scary clown face paint ideas for you to try on this Halloween 2015, the different clown faces will give you a perfect getup that you need to celebrate the Halloween festival as you wished to enjoy. So choose the one most scary clown face paint image from these and draw your face like the clown who is invited to the children’s party and all the kids are unaware of the face hidden behind clown makeup, give your best scary smile and let the party begin, have fun on this Halloween Eve with these clown face paint ideas!

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zombie clown face painting


witch from clown town

halloween makeup ideas- bitch from clown town

clown makeup

halloween makeup ideas- clown makeup

creepy clown facepaint

halloween makeup ideas- creepy clown facepaint

creepy smiley clown

halloween makeup ideas- creepy smiley clown

crying clown face paint

halloween makeup ideas- crying clown face paint

evil clown face paint

halloween makeup ideas- evil clown face paint

freaky clown

halloween makeup ideas- freaky clown

killer clown makeup

halloween makeup ideas- killer clown makeup

killer clown

halloween makeup ideas- killer clown

nightmare clown

halloween makeup ideas- nightmare clown

poor clown

halloween makeup ideas- poor clown

real clown

halloween makeup ideas- real clown

scary clown makeup

halloween makeup ideas- scary clown makeup

strange clown

halloween makeup ideas- strange clown

wicked clown makeup

halloween makeup ideas- wicked clown makeup

devil clown

halloween makeup ideas - devil clown

evil clown makeup

halloween makeup ideas - evil clown makeup

killer clown makeup

halloween makeup ideas - killer clown makeup

scary clown

halloween makeup ideas - scary clown

 the clown lady

halloween makeup ideas - the clown lady


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