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6 Apps Every Book Lover Should Own


Smartphones are a wonderful resource for bibliophiles. Access to tons of apps, from Kindle to Nook to Audible, connects book lovers with new stories and old favorites wherever there’s a 4G LTE or internet connection. If you love to read and have been languishing in the land of the Kindle app, it’s time to do some downloading. Lots of apps geared towards book lovers are available, many of which offer free books and all of which will help you find your next favorite.

1. Free Books


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Classics are in the public domain, which means they’re much easier to find for free. The Free Books app (which is free to download on iOS and Android) has collected more than 20,000 free classics and gathered them all in one handy app. The app also features an e-reader with a dictionary, highlighting ability, bookmarking, and more. From Shakespeare’s complete works to philosophical treatises by the greatest philosophers of humankind, you’ll love the huge catalog this app offers.

2. Hoopla Digital

If you have a library card (and let’s face it — if you love books, you definitely have a well-loved library card), you need to check out Hoopla Digital. As long as your library has an account with Hoopla, you’ll be able to download the free iOS and Android app. Then start borrowing audiobooks and e-books. Hoopla has a large selection of digital content, including lots of popular novels you’ve probably been dying to read. Your library will allow you to borrow a certain number of books each month, and after a certain number of days the books automatically “return” themselves.

3. Book Bub


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If you’re a bibliophile who loves a great sale, then you need Book Bub — stat. Book Bub is free to download on iOS, and it connects you with fantastic deals on a huge magazine of e-books. Find bestsellers, which usually sell for over $10 even in ebook format, seriously discounted. Discover when books you’ve been itching read go on sale or even are available through a temporary free promotion! Select the categories you want to browse, and Book Bub will send you personalized recommendations, too.

4. Goodreads


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Keep track of the books you’ve read and find new reading material easily through the free Goodreads app on iOS and Android. Add your friends or any interesting readers on the site to chat about books, get recommendations, and start book discussion groups. Goodreads makes it easy to add books to your “to read” shelf and allows you to create unlimited customized shelves for arranging and filtering the books you’ve read and want to read. Goodreads also offers lots of giveaways, so enter to win some free reading material while you’re at it!

5. Moon+ Reader

Turn your Android device into a customized e-reader with the Moon+ Reader app. The free version gives you great tools to make your reading experience perfect, from changing the line spacing and the font to choosing an exciting theme. You can even customize how your swipe gestures, taps, and clicks affect your reading experience. Open lots of ebook formats on your Galaxy S6 Edge when you use Moon+ Reader. The Pro version is $4.99 and includes an ad-free experience, as well as the ability to open and edit PDFs with the app.

6. 50,000 Free eBooks and Audiobooks

This free Android app offers 50,000 free ebooks and 15,000 free audiobooks. Lots of these are classics, which you can download to your device for offline use. The app also offers material in Hindi, which is great for bilingual folks or those who are trying to gain proficiency in Hindi. You can also upload your own ebook formats to the app for easier reading and to keep your library in one place.

If you had other things to accomplish today, then accept our apologies in advance. Book-lovers all have one thing in common: We can’t resist a good book. Once you download a few of these apps and start browsing, you’re sure to be sucked into a great new story.



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