wish you eid mubarak 2015

25 Eid Mubarak 2015 Quotes, Wishes and Greetings Photos

Muslim around the world celebrate Eid twice in a year, first Eid Ul Fitr after a Holy month of fasting Ramadan Mubarak and Eid Ul Adha also known as the festival of sacrifice. Every ... Continue Reading →
eid 2015 wallpaper

20 Best Eid Mubarak 2015 Greetings, Wishes and Wallpapers

Eid is the most important Muslim holidays, there are 2 Eid days in the year for Muslims, Eid Ul Fitr(Eid al-Fitr/Eid-E-Saeed) also known as feast of fitr are first three days of the ... Continue Reading →
eid ul fitr mehndi designs 2015

25+ Best Mehndi Designs For Eid-Ul-Fitr 2015

Eid Ul Fitr is the first festival of the year after 29 or 30 Ramadan, everyone is busy to shop for this special occasion. Girls are specially much more busy in shopping, buying new ... Continue Reading →
child prepares food for Iftar

Beautiful Ramadan Mubarak Prayers and Iftar Photos

Ramadan is a month of glory, purification of soul and whole body, month of spiritual and physical cleansing, the month of knowledge, the month of patience. It is the most important ... Continue Reading →
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20+ Most Funny Cute Baby Faces Photos Ever

We love to see a new born baby, the smile and innocent face is adorable but the great happiness is seeing the ridiculous funny baby faces that are irresistible for anyone take photos ... Continue Reading →
Putra Mosque

20+ Beautiful Islamic Mosque(Masajid) Photos

Islam is a religion of Peace and Harmony, with its spread- Muslims around the world have started building beautiful interior artworks Mosques(Masajid). One can’t take his eyes ... Continue Reading →
Ramadan Calligraphy 13

Awesome Ramadan Mubarak Calligraphy, Animated Photos and Quotes

At Last the month of Blessings Ramadan Mubarak 2015 is here for all Muslim’s around the world, it is the best month of the year for Allah’s forgiveness, obedience and his ... Continue Reading →
floral mehndi designs for hands 1

25+ Floral Mehndi(Henna) Designs For Girls Hands

In Arab and other Muslim countries, women decorate their body with traditional mehndi(henna) patterns. In Europe and other non-Muslim countries Henna is quite popular but it is in ... Continue Reading →
Ramadan Quotes 9

Beautiful Messages, Quotes and Wishes For Ramadan Mubarak 2015

Ramadan Mubarak 2015 has come, the month of fasting and blessings- the 9th month of Islamic lunar calendar, all Muslims take it as the best month of the whole year as Quran is revealed ... Continue Reading →
Ramadan Mubarak

30 Beautiful Pictures and Wallpapers For Ramadan Mubarak 2015

Ramadan Kareem 2015 is come, it is the 9th month in Islamic calendar, the most worthy month of the year. Quran clearly mentions that the main duty of men are to worship Allah, the month ... Continue Reading →