officially spring

35+ Spectacular Spring Photos

Spring a season of happy souls, coming out of darkness and cold surrounds everything with cool breeze, light and warmth, shinning sky and breathtaking fragrances. As living elixir, ... Continue Reading →
Water Color Bird

25 Cool And Creative Thigh Tattoo Designs

Thigh is a big flesh part on the body for drawing tattoos that will get less pain in the whole process, girls are mostly interested in showing the body parts that will attract the eyes ... Continue Reading →
ear protection

5 Noisy Situations That Require Ear Protection

For many people below the age of 65, we think age-related hearing loss may be inevitable but not something we need to worry about right now. After all, it’s difficult to care about ... Continue Reading →
electronic cigarettes

5 Effective Ways for Smokers to Save Money

It’s no secret these are tough economic times — particularly for smokers. With state after state increasing sales taxes on cigarettes, lighting up has never been more costly. Fortunately, ... Continue Reading →

5 Jaw-Dropping, Surprisingly Affordable Gifts to Celebrate Someone’s Graduation

Your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or young family friend is tossing up her cap in the air and putting high school or college behind her this spring. It’s the start of a new chapter ... Continue Reading →
J.K. Rowling

Your Favorite Writer Was Once a TEFL Teacher

Did you ever wonder why J.K. Rowling included foreign schools in the challenges at Hogwarts? Or how Nick Hornby became so great at reading human character? Or why Paul Theroux can reproduce ... Continue Reading →
The Top 10 Greenest Cities

The Top 10 Greenest Cities

In today’s world it is not that easy to keep a city green. It can be really hard to cope with endless trash, pollution and traffic which are pretty lively in the modern city, and ... Continue Reading →
Matching Owl Tattoos

25+ Perfect Matching Tattoo Design Ideas

Matching tattoo is a special bond between people that will always show a love and affection with each other, it strengthens relation between couples, brother & sister, mother and ... Continue Reading →
Short Simple Boyish Hair

25 Classic Short Hairstyles For Round Face Girls

Hairstyle according to the face shape can make your styling natural, round face have high cheekbones which is feminine. Face looks can be adjusted with the selection of appropriate ... Continue Reading →

What’s in a name – Go Red for Women

Any charitable organisation will benefit from inventive forms of exposure, and the Go Red for Women campaign certainly fits that bill. Established by the American Heart Association ... Continue Reading →
Leroux - a cardboard packaging for perfume

30+ Examples Of Creative Packaging Design

Creative Packaging Design is an effective source to bring consumers attraction in the brand or product, the product design will strike on the buyers attitude that immensely changes ... Continue Reading →
21 Valentines Day Facebook Cover Photo

Valentines Day Facebook Cover Photo

Valentines Day is most awaited day for love couples around the world, people are so excited to claim this day as red day: sharing flowers(rose), chocolate, teddy bear, love sms, love ... Continue Reading →